The Apprentice, who’s gonna win it?

So, here comes the obligatory ‘Who I think will win’ blog post about the Apprentice, given that it’s the final on Sunday. Personally, I’ve found this series a little disappointing. Seeing as Alan Sugar is trying to move away from the employee tag of the previous series’ and is stressing that this is a business partnership, a lot of the tasks have been very similar to ones we’ve already seen, and there’s been a lot of sales tasks. Also, the contestants have been a bit, well, shit, for search of a better word.

And so it comes to the big one. The one we’ve all been waiting for. The final. 16 contestants have become 4, but, in my opinion, at least 1 of the 4 should not be in the final, and one of the recent sackings should be here. Anyone who watches the show will know who I mean. Anyway, the final 4 are:

Helen Louse Milligan. The favourite, the people’s choice, she’s won all but 1 task, and was, until the last couple of tasks at least, odds-on to win. But in the last two tasks, week 11 especially, I’ve found her weak, and pretty disappointing. Still, I’d be surprised if she isn’t in the running for the partnership.

Tom Pellereau. Very much the surprise choice of the 4, he’s never really shone, but has come into his own in the last 2 or 3 tasks, after Alan Sugar basically told him to buck his ideas up or he’s sacked. His selling of the nodding dogs in week 11 helped his team win the task, and I found his performance in the fast food task to be very impressive. What he does have in his favour is that he’s an inventor, an ideas guy, not a salesman, which is maybe what Sugar is looking for.

Jim Eastwood. The loveable Irish rogue who makes up for in bullshit what he lacks in, well, everything else. He’s come close to the executioner’s block a couple of times, but is still holding his own coming into the final, and was a competent project manager in the fast food task, with his main failing being that he couldn’t micro-manage the two girls, and he tried to do too much.

Susan Ma. My favourite, and she has been since the beginning. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s from Croydon, that she’s the best-suited for Sugar’s partnership, such is her knowledge of starting up and running her own business, or her somewhat endearing naivety. I think that everyone has bullied her throughout the series, and whilst she’s not stood up for herself much, she’s still in the final, and, as I see it, second favourite.

So there we have it. I think Helen will win, barring an absolute shitstorm. I think the interviewers will tear apart Jim, Tom and probably Susan as well. Hell they won’t be kind to Helen. But, how will her business plan stand up to scrutiny?

All in all, this is, in my opinion, the closest final of the Apprentice in years, and Sunday night will definitely be an interesting episode.


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