Why I Hate X-Factor

Ok so I’m thinking I’ll jump on this bandwagon and just put it out there: what the hell does everyone enjoy about X Factor?? Seriously. Now I don’t watch it, so I’m not one to say “this person has no talent” or “that person’s pitch was awful” but from what little I’ve seen of it, along with a working knowledge of current affairs, it appears that for what seems like 8 months of the year, but is probably more like 3, no one will shut up about X Factor, and how this season‘s Jedward – Matt Cardle, so I‘m lead to believe – is really good-looking, and that Wagner or Cher Lloyd shouldn‘t be in the show still, for one reason or another. I honestly don’t give a shit, it’s great that you do, but don’t tell me about it.


Pop reality shows have been around since, what was the first one of this generation, Fame Academy? The one that David Sneddon won. And where the hell is he now? Apparently he tried to make it in America. Whether he did or not is another matter. As far as I can tell, anyone who wins these shows is going to have about 6 to 12 months of fame, and then either crash and burn, or go and “find themselves” for a couple of years and then come back. A quick search on Wikipedia gives me two cases in point; Leon Jackson, winner of X Factor ‘07, who was famous for about six months, then had the ignominy of one of his singles charting at number 94 in the Download Chart, and is now a singer-songwriter whose upcoming tour dates include a free concert in Balham, and Leona Lewis, who is a break from the norm of pop reality shows in that she actually has some talent, who won the ‘06 series of X Factor, releasing her first album before going to America whilst writing her second album and “finding herself” before coming back with her second album, and she seems to be going from strength to strength.


As far as I can tell with this show, for every JLS success story there’s a Shayne Ward or a G4, for every Olly Murs a Rhydian Roberts or Andy Abraham, ie every time one person or act excels and suggests that X Factor might not be all mass-produced bullshit aimed at the biggest market possible, a failure that still sells well comes through to enhance the point. Simon Cowell is the lynchpin of this mass-marketing shit storm, churning out hit after hit from his next no-name manufactured pop artist, and he doesn’t hide this fact at all. Quite the opposite, he embraces it, pulling the American market under his wing in American Idol, which is the same basic premise, with a little more talent, given the much larger pool he has to play in, with its success stories including Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and Jordin Sparks.



On the whole, the pop reality show really pisses me off. But that’s not just it. I hate it being forced upon me. I don’t want to hear about it. Why does society feel I need to know? If any of you guys disagree, or agree, or want to tell me I’m chatting complete shit, feel free to post in the Comments section below.


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