Morrissey would be proud!

Those of you who know me will know that I’m not the biggest fan of Morrissey. I find his music repetitive, his whining nauseates me and many of the worst bands in the world cite The Smiths as one of their musical influences. However, I’m a sucker for innovation, and new ideas, and that is exactly what I’ve stumbled upon, on one of my Twitter trawls recently.

The Smiths Project, found here,  is an ambitious dream by one massive Smiths fan, Janice Whaley, to personally recreate what she calls “layered vocal arrangements” of every song of The Smiths’ back catalogue. She wants to have done this by the end of the year, a ridiculously hefty plan considering that claims that they have released 32 songs; she thinks that the actual figure is over double that, and that she is not using any instruments at all, only her voice and impressive editing techniques.

Janice herself is a music fan, having started with the piano at age 2 and never looking back – though why she likes The Smiths if she’s such a music fan I don’t know! – and even I can appreciate the astronomical task at hand, given that each song takes around 30 hours to produce, and her singing is actually pretty good, even if the subject matter is far from it!

What Janice has achieved, and is continuing to achieve, with The Smiths Project is a dream that’s fast approaching reality, a brainchild of a music lover that was undertaken to reconnect with her “inner musician,” and she is quickly developing a cult following that is sure to increase her following on social networking sites, which the article about her on the Guardian website earlier this week is no doubt helping.


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