When London was announced as the host city of the 2012 Olympics, the day before the 7th July bombings in 2005, I myself was really excited for the prospects that this prestigious ceremony would bring. The revenue alone would be massive, and the improvements to the city would be huge. We’ve seen a few improvements already, mainly the improvements made in Stratford and the transport system, including the East London Line and the afore-mentioned new tube carriages.

Where Boris Johnson, Sebastian Coe and others seem to have gone wrong is the marketing. They’ve decided to put their faith in children, which is understandable given that the youth are the athletes of tomorrow. However, this has lead to errors such as the logo, which has been universally slated, but I’m quite a fan of:

or the latest mistake, one of the coins being brought into circulation which can be seen to resemble something quite unsavoury:

I myself am hoping that these errors can be rectified, so as to not make the most prestigious sporting event Great Britain has seen in years a complete mockery. Maybe a talented young child can make amends by designing a particularly fetching olympic torch.


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