Torres and Kenny..

So, Kenny Huang, or Jian-Hua ‘Kenneth’ Huang, to give him his full name. Is he Liverpool’s new saviour, or just another pretender?

Well, it would seem that he means business. China’s first graduate to work on the New York Stock Exchange, he has excelled in business for most of his adult life, resulting in his acquisition of Houston Rockets of the NBA, and he likes to set precedents, for example, Yao Ming, the Chinese basketball superstar, being the first Chinese player to play in the NBA.

Perhaps, then, this could mean more Chinese footballers in the Premier League? Chinese players in the English Premier League have had a mixed fortune; for every Sun Jihai there’s a Dong Fangzhuo, for every Zheng Zhi a Li Weifeng. Whilst the China national team is not one full of superstars, Liverpool fans can possibly expect a player of Deng Zhuoxiang’s calibre to join, he’s not a household name but he’s young and and already an established international despite being only 21, not to mention his unofficial title of “The Chinese Messi”

Where Huang will certainly bring good news to the Kop is through marketing and advertising. Asia is an obviously huge market that the EPL has not really cracked. Whilst English teams are really big out there, and the public go wild whenever a side travels over there, there is certainly room for improvement, and this is where Kenny will come into his own. I for one just hope that the club doesn’t become a Chelsea or a Man City, buying the to the title, as do many fans.

Also, Torres confirming that he will stay at the club is a massive boost for not only the fans, but the team, the board and the management too. This, along with the new signings, in particular Joe Cole, Milan Jovanovic and Danny Wilson, and the new manager, could mean for a very interesting season…especially if the new financial backing comes into play before the end of the transfer window…bring on August 15th.


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