New Piece of Writing

I’ve decided to begin showcasing my writing here, with a few pieces, some I may have written for assignments, some may be for competitions, and some may just be for fun. Enjoy reading!

This first piece is an untitled piece that I wrote for an assignment, where we were told to write a piece about religion. For the purposes of this it’s going to be titled ‘God Story.’ It’s an exchange between a father and son who have differing views on religion, and whilst it’s not the typical view of religion, and might upset some people, I’m fairly proud of it.

God Story

Why didn’t James ever listen to me? Here I am, taking the trouble to tell him about how God, the fictional deity, doesn’t exist, and all he can do is sit there and listen to his damn music. I was justifying my statement with evidence as well, showing him exactly how God doesn’t exist, and still he doesn’t want to know. I’m wasted here, I really am. I should be on like Question Time or something. Somewhere they would appreciate my talent. Instead it just melted away, falling on deaf ears.

Why did he always try and be clever with his ideas? No one cares if he has proof as to why God doesn’t exist. His proof would be shallow and superficial anyway, something like “Oh, I prayed to him once, and he didn’t answer, therefore he doesn’t exist” or some other poor attempt at proof like that, it wouldn’t be any substantial proof, because there is no substantial proof that God doesn’t exist, hence the reason millions of people have devoted their lives to Him.

Why didn’t this boy listen to me? He didn’t even have to agree, all I want is a stimulating conversation. Can he not grant his Dad that? If not, then he’s a pretty damn poor son, it has to be said. The fact that my proof that I have to give him will change his world completely is beside the point. Plus, all those myths, plagues of locusts and floods, what are they all about? Clearly they are all a bunch of lies made up by the Christians to scare its worshippers. It’s like the stories your mum told you when you were little, about the man in the closet or under the bed. I mean, Noah, even if he did sail an ark, so what, you have people sailing single-handedly round the world now, but do they get heralded as a religious figure? No they certainly don’t. So why should Noah? What did he do that was so special? Exactly, nothing! He saved a load of animals. Oh well done, you started the RSPCA. Congratulations.


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