Illness, Oscars and Bad Company


Following its clean-up act at the Academy Awards on Sunday night, I figured it was time that I actually got round to watching The Hurt Locker, and it certainly lived up to its reputation. From its emotional opening scene to the ongoing mental battle between arguably the two biggest leads, Jeremy Renner was great as the archetypal “bad guy” and Anthony Mackie has come a long way since his role in the much-maligned yet enjoyable 8 Mile. I’d definitely recommend seeing this film to anyone, as if the Oscars weren’t enough of an endorsement. 9/10

I’ve also been struck down by the viral infection that’s going round, so I’ve been bed-ridden for the last couple of days, so I’ve resigned to completing Bad Company 2, watching a lot of League of Gentlemen and reading about the Oscars. I’ll begin with Bad Company.

Having never played the original, but being a huge fan of the Battlefield series, especially 1942, but being disappointed with any of the Battlefield series I had the misfortune of playing on a console, I was indecisive about whether I’d play Bad Company 2 or not. I was swayed by a deal that HMV had whereby you buy the game and get afore-mentioned Hurt Locker on blu-ray for £5. The game itself is fairly enjoyable, the plot is on a par with Modern Warfare 2, with the deciding vote falling in favour of Bad Company given the damage you can cause to buildings and objects that was painfully omitted from Modern Warfare 2. Definitely worth a play. 8/10 for the single player. Multiplayer I am yet to experience, but if its half as good as MW2 then it’s a blessing!

There’s not much can be said about League of Gentlemen without seeing it, but today was the first time ever that I saw any of Series 3 and it absolutely terrified me. The rest of the show I found very enjoyable, and not scary in the slightest. But the last series frightened me something rotten. It’s still enjoyable, just in a terrifying way!

What can be said about the 82nd Academy Awards that hasn’t been said already? Not much. There were a few suprises in the Kodak Theatre on Sunday night, but no shocks. No one really expected Hurt Locker to clean up as much as it did, and yet few were shocked. I myself was happy, given that Avatar was a beautiful film, visually spectacular, but plot wise it was pretty average, with a ‘man has to infiltrate a society with deception, man meets woman, man and woman fall in love, man fights his own people as a part of new society’ plotline that, whilst not being the most overused, has certainly been done before (Dances With Wolves anyone??) As for the rest of the awards, I myself am a bit disappointed that Tarantino didn’t win any awards. Christoph Waltz definitely deserved his Best Supporting Actor win, but I felt that it maybe deserved Best Original Screenplay and maybe Best Director too, given that it is arguably his best film since Pulp Fiction. But that just shows the Academy’s bias, and Quentin’s day will come again.

I think that’s everything for the time being.



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